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In 1946, two brothers started DURACRAFT, and between 1946 and the early 1980'S, these brothers developed DURACRAFT to the point where it was the best aluminum boat made for the southern part of the United States.

This development included the design and perfection of various presses, jigs, and fixtures that gave  DURACRAFT boats the unique characteristics that set them apart from others.  Characteristics such as the uniform deep corrugations on all units, the reverse flared bow on the SV's, the low off-set spray on most DURACRAFTS.


The brothers died in the early 80's.  The company has been sold several times and is currently owned by Steven Deese who is founder and Chairman of the board for Bentley Industries.  Bentley Industries is the manufacturer of Bentley Pontoon Boats.  



There is a Duracraft boat or pontoon to fit every budget.







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